After graduating from an International Trade School (E.P.S.C.I. at E.S.S.E.C. Group) in 1984, Claire Jozan-Meisel worked for an investment group in London and in Marbella, where she discovered Yoga and Eastern philosophies. After living abroad for 7 years, she became sales manager for France and Europe of a small company dedicated to sales promotion. She continued practising Yoga and graduated at the International Traditional Yoga School and has taught Yoga since 1998 as an affiliate of the French Federation of Hatha-Yoga.

Her multicultural and multidisciplinary research on the body and mind connection has allowed her to learn from experts of various traditions (Tibetan Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, Taoism, Egyptian martial art and American Indian spirituality) and experience the body and mind connection in a very practical way.

Passionate about gentle and natural treatment methods, from 2001 to 2005 she took a full training cycle of the Mediterranean Institute for Medicinal Plant Documentation, Teaching and Research on Plants and Nutrition in Montpellier and then studied essential oils in Paris at the Natural Medicine and Ethno-medicine Faculty and at the Aromatherapy International School.

In 2004 she created a company dedicated to wellness and until 2007 she gave seminars on Herbal Medicine for the Health Prevention Department of the National Health Service in the Montpellier region. From 2007 to 2011, she was the sales manager of Phytofrance, a pharmaceutical laboratory, for Paris and the Paris region.

Aware of the current need for body and mind wellness, she dedicates her time to training, consulting and coaching individuals and companies. Her goal is to pass on basic and fundamental keys to physical and mental wellness, and to do so in a very simple and practical way.