Interactive and made-to-measure training to gain efficiency through knowledge of nutrition and practice in body and mind wellness

Our three day course, which is adaptable to your needs, will teach you about the best diet for you and will train you practically in the use of yoga tools for stress management. Simple methods, easily applicable in the everyday life are proposed, explained and experienced throughout the training.



• Being aware of the body and mind interaction in order to prevent and reduce the effects of stress on your metabolism

• Knowing the nutritional needs of your body and natural methods for stimulating your system

• Learning how to eliminate physical and mental tensions and relax effectively

• Being able to stand back, which will help you to avoid the habit of taking on negative stress


The main issues of body and mind connection

Importance of the relationship between body and mind
Identifying the three related issues of nutrition, breathing and mind
Feeling responsible for your health


The daily and seasonal needs of the body

Knowing the food families and how to associate them – Making 3 balanced meals out of a daily guideline – Respecting the correct acid-alkaline balance – Learning how to stimulate your metabolism throughout the four seasons.


Strengthening physical shape and mental form

Stretching exercises: Being present to yourself for more grounding – Being able to acknowledge your physical tensions and release them – Learning how to strengthen your back to avoid back problems. Stretching for more physical and mental flexibility – Finding solutions to bad effects of being too sedentary.

Breathing exercises: Increasing concentration levels – Improving blood pressure and heart rhythm – Optimizing digestion and elimination.

Relaxation exercises: Gaining quality sleep – Acknowledging your emotions and relaxing the mind – Gaining vitality to achieve your objectives – Stimulating intuition and creativity.

Training approach: Workshops in small groups – Interactive seminars – Practical exercises
1 day course (7 hours): 900€
2 day course (14 hours): 1700€
3 day course (21 hours): 2400€

For private coaching, please consult us.